RLCS XI Mercato – Summer’s gonna be hot

Season X has just ended and It's now time for the most exciting part of the off-season: the mercato! As usual, a lot of movements and it is time to make a first update...

Europe, the region of all possibilitites

As usual, the old continent is very active between seasons; and as usual, transfers of players and orgs are in full swing.

The top of the mountain

2021.06.20. Team Vitality is crowned European champion after beating the eternal number 1 of the season: Team BDS. These two teams will not change, it’s almost certain. Kaydop, Fairy Peak! & Alpha54 on one side; MonkeyMoon, Extra & MarcBy_8 on the other one. Their performances during season X have nothing to make their protagonists blush, so why should they change a winning formula?

Well, that’s a great start, but the list of the best teams in the region is still long and it’s from the top 3 that everything gets tougher. As many rumors and other enigmatic tweets had suggested, Top Blokes is parting ways with FlamE, without much surprise. Despite very good performances, but an end of season in half-tone, the team with the hat has chosen to change its roster. The English player will have to explore new opportunities for the next season; no doubt that his resume should open many doors.

On the side of Guild Esport, the Championships have been hard but Deevo, Noly and ThO. have apparently no plans to part ways.

Another Big Baguette org on its way

Let’s go back a bit earlier. 2021.06.15. At the end of a 3rd BO5, a 5th game and an overtime of more than 8 minutes, Ferra‘s, Chausette45‘s & Aztral‘s Solary collapses under the pressure. Team Queso was strongest and the French-Belgians are eliminated from a Season X final phase that will have tested them to the limit. Why talk about this particular game? Because these two teams will probably not exist in Season XI.

Let’s start with Team Queso and their emblematic cheese. Despite a top 4 finish in the finals, thwarting the predictions a little more, the Spanish trio is breaking up. Speaking on Twitter, and after many insistent rumors, AtomiK announced separating from his teammates and being open to new possibilities. As for Dmentza & VK-Sailen, it’s a bit more vague: the possibility that the duo will stay together is not ruled out, but both players give themselves the opportunity to try something else.
The end of a team that will have shaken up the European game is probably announced. To be continued.

For Solary, and especially after 1422 days of playing together, the legendary duo of the two Frenchmen Chausette45 and Ferra will probably end next season, as the first mentionned on Twitter. Also, and as expected when signing their contract, the Solary org has also chosen to explore new possibilities of signing new recruits.

What’s going on with Ferra & Aztral, then? As they’re now missing a teammate and an org, their future together is less than certain. The two french-speaking players are exploring their options and it seems quite unlikely that they choose to stick together.

On top of the challengers’ group, the Vodafone Giants’ future is also uncertain, as the organisation parted ways with its players and has left the scene for now. Itachi & Stake have decided to let Zamué go and are looking for a third. Could this be an opportunity for a new org to join RLCS?
We can hear, here & there, that the French KCORP might be interested.

What about the challengers?

Teams outside the Top 8 also get their own set of changes, as they need it even more to try and make it to the top of what is already shaping up to be a spicy Season XI.

Endpoint, after their failed run at the RLCS X Championships, were the first to announce a change. No more endless demolitions, Virtuoso is leaving and is replaced by… a young French recruit! Seikoo, former Glory4Builders, discovered on Rocket Baguette during RBRS, is promoted to the RLCS alongside Metsanauris and RelatingWave. A new star in the making… we really hope so.

And elsewhere? In a nutshell, here is the information to remember:

  • Team Singularity players (Scrub Killa, Breezi, Hibbs & Rehzzy) are free of their contracts. They can explore all options available to them and will probably not stay together.
  • Triple Trouble/Illusion are no more. Tadpole, Rise and French Parka are parting ways.
  • Wolves Esports has not yet officially released their entire team, but it shouldn’t be long now. Kuxir97, Rix_Ronday and Oaly will not stay together.
  • Galaxy Racer is separating from his team. In regards to players, Bluey is leaving the team, leaving Arju and Mittaen to look for a third partner.

Main rumors

Lots of departures, but very few arrivals announced. Who will fill the vacant RLCS spots? Are there any other announcements to come? We recap.
*Obviously, all of these statements are speculative and may not correspond at all to upcoming events.

  • For the White Demons, one of the sensation teams of season X, rumors are swirling that Tigreee will be replaced by Zamué (previously a member of the Vodafone Giants), forming a 100% Spanish team. This same roster could be carrying the colors of FC Barcelona, which would make its return to the Rocket League scene. The new Queso?!
  • The iconic Kuxir97 could complete the roster of the Monkeys (Arju & Mittaen).
  • Previously with Team Singularity, Hibbs has been spotted alongside Monkeys (ex-Galaxy Racer) and Top Blokes players for tryouts.
  • Team Liquid would like to rebuild its roster around Ronaky. After Fruity and Speed, the Danish player would have tried something with Chausette45, ViolentPanda or maybe Scrub Killa.
  • In addition to this trial, Chausette45 would also try on the side of Dignitas, with a potential replacement of ViolentPanda.
  • After his disbandment, Team Queso is scattered. AtomiK would try with players from Top Blokes or Dignitas. Dmentza would have tried with the Monkeys. As for VK-Sailen, not much news.
  • Finally, the former Top Blokes, FlamE, would have also tried with Dignitas.

North America, the region on vacation

Main transfers

On this side of the Atlantic, there is not much news and not many announcements for now. To summarize it simply:

  • The Kansas City Pioneers team is back on the scene with the acquisition of Continuum, consisting of Kronovi, Aeon & Astroh.
  • Alpine Esport has decided to part ways with their player Percy, reportedly by mutual agreement.
  • At FaZe Clan, Gyro is leaving, despite a positive season since the acquisition of The Peeps.
  • Finally, the Pittsburgh Knights already have their team. ZPS is leaving to make room for AlphaKep, coming from XSET.

The biggest announcement is perhaps surprisingly about a team from another region. If confirmed, True Neutral’s South American team, the winners of their region in Season X, may be moving to Mexico to compete in the RLCS alongside the best North American teams.
For the first time, an entire team could change region. More to come!

Main rumors

Despite the few changes announced, some rumors are starting to surface:
*Once again, all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  • The biggest rumor growing is the replacement of Dreaz for G2 Esport. Despite great performances until the end of the RLCS X, the former sub of the samurai team could lose his place to a well known head… Firstkiller from Rogue. This will create a super-roster that can compete with the best!
  • Dreaz is not going to be forgotten, as he could be in the FaZe Clan’s sights, with the goal of replacing Gyro.
  • At Version1, we’re apparently trying to replace Comm. The name of Andy (Charlotte Phoenix) is currently circulating.
  • Percy, who has left Alpine, has apparently tried his hand everywhere; at XSET, G2 Esport and Rogue. Despite his relative absence from the top NA players, the young American knows how to stand out when you look at the statistics. We will definitely have to count on him next season…

Mercato update completed.
Next update: coming soon.