RBRS: the foundations of a European Leagues circuit

The most ambitious league-play competition of the Rocket League scene is back for a third season. For the first time, there have been some tweaks to the format in order to build the foundations of an European Leagues circuit. Let us share our plans regarding the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars with you.

The registrations have been opened for the 3rd season of the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars, our homemade competition offering players of all levels the ability to play in a league-play format over several weeks. We launched this project a year ago, as the Rocket League competitive scene was filled with single-elimination bracket tournaments. We really felt that it was lacking of possibilities for players to compete in leagues, which is a great factor of improvement. 117 teams completed season one, 144 teams completed season two, and we expect this figure to grow with the ability for Xbox players to join the fun.

While season two was basically a copypasta of season one, we made some changes to our ruleset in season three. First of all, players that have been starters in RLCS or the Rival Series since last September can’t compete. Not that we’ve had a lot of them, it’s just that they already have their own circuit and we want to offer something for the players that are not there yet.

As much as it hurts us – you know how much we like to involve in international environments, we also decided to prevent foreign teams to participate in our highest division, the Star League. Teams engaging at this level must play with two players from France, Belgium or Switzerland. Our idea behind that is to create a proper French Championship. After all, each European country has its own culture and pride, therefore, it makes sense to find which team is the best in the French-speaking region. We hope our audience will be hyped enough by seeing the most promising French Rocket League players compete between each other, as they will now have the ability to fund a cash-prize for the Star League.

But this doesn’t mean that EU teams are out. The RBRS seasons will now be split in two different parts. After the initial French league, the best teams of the Star League will qualify for an European League, that we called the Superstar League for which we offer a 500€ prize-pool this season. Again, it’s a league-play format that EU teams will be joining (through invitations and/or qualifiers). And now, you see what we’re doing. The football model is what we’re chasing: through National Leagues, you qualify for European Cups. The French League is existing, the European League will be soon. Now, we’re missing the national leagues from our European neighbours. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to help us build this circuit in your country.

Such a project requires a huge amount of human resources. Last season, we were about 14 admins operating 22 divisions of initially 8 teams. A lot of teams drop out over the course of the season – you know how Rocket League players feel the urge to switch teammates. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As a reminder, the idea of RBRS is letting the players decide when they will play their weekly BO5. Every week, we publish on our website the results, rankings, and individual statistics such as the top striker, top assists, top goalkeeper… We broadcast some of the games on our Twitch channel and allow basically everyone to broadcast games as well. With 80+ series a week, there’s enough content for everyone! Players, casters, viewers… For three months, there’s Rocket League everywhere. The benefits for the community are simply immense.

Everyone, enjoy the new season!