Rising Stars Season 1 : figures & conclusion

The first Rising Stars season has concluded with the triumph of Baguette Squad over Dead Rabbits. It is now time to take a look at the incredible figures of the circuit that generated an astonishing amount of Rocket League esports.


That’s the only possible reaction when you take a step back and do the maths after this incredible first Rising Stars season. Announced last summer, the Rising Stars circuit featured 8 Regional Leagues in 15 different countries :

  • The Rocket Baguette Rising Stars (RBRS) Season 4 in France, Belgium & Switzerland
  • RBRS Germany in Germany & Austria
  • RBRS Netherlands in… the Netherlands
  • RBRS Nordics in Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland
  • The Golden Dust Rising Stars (GDRS) in Spain
  • The Rocket Kingdom Rising Stars (RKRS) in the United Kingdom & Ireland
  • The Italian Rocket Championship Season 3 in Italy
  • The Rising Stars Portugal in Portugal

In each league, teams were forced to play with two players from the countries of the leagues, allowing one foreign teammate. Overall, in September, 522 teams were involved at the beginning of the Regional Leagues. A league being demanding in terms of availability and stamina,  some teams lost their motivation and will to continue along the way. The final and official figure of attending teams, that completed their League after playing all their series is 441. That means a minimum of 7-week engagement towards the circuit, more in case of qualification for the play-offs, and even more if they made it to the Superstar League, the European Cup gathering the best Regional teams.

The biggest European Rocket League Party

As teams are allowed to recruit over the course of the season, we have counted 2 362 unique players that have been registered in a roster during the season. This doesn’t mean that all of them have played a series in the circuit.

Overall, 1 719 BO3 / BO5 / BO7 series have been played. That accounts for a total of 6 775 Rocket League games. That represents 33 875 minutes or 564 hours or 23,5 days of non-stop gameplay, and that excludes all the overtimes. For now, our system only keeps tracks of ingame stats for Regular Season: we’ve counted 26 206 goals, 17 936 assists, 81 057 shots and 41 405 saves.

Community orgs have joined forces

After two years of running their RBRS locally, Rocket Baguette led the way assisting the Spanish Golden Dust Cup, the British Rocket Kingdom and the German Firewall into running their own Regional Leagues and providing streaming coverage for both their leagues and the Superstar League. The well established Italian Rocket Championship was also included in the circuit, as well as the Rising Stars Portugal by Rocket’Tram & GamersMedia. Overall, at least 98 people have contributed to the creation, administration and broadcasting of the Circuit.

One of the greatest achievement of the Rising Stars crew was the broadcasting in up to six simultaneous languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Finnish & Norwegian) of certain playdays of the Superstar League, by successfully generating two clean feeds.

Let’s conclude with a massive THANK YOU to all the players that joined the Rising Stars Circuit! See you soon for season II.