Rising Stars: the season concludes

Another Rising Stars season has ended. With a cumulated €5500 prize pool in the whole circuit, it has offered great competition, clearing the path to RLCS for some of the players. Let's break this huge season down.

The 2nd official Rising Stars season saw its pinnacle in the 3rd Superstar League, after some of the teams played in the 5th RBRS championship. While this is a mess, it shows how the project has been built progressively, making sure the foundations are solid enough considering how gigantic the big picture is.

This season, 4 official leagues were ran – three being nation-based and one being open to the rest of Europe. Rocket Baguette operated the 5th season of their Rocket Baguette Rising Stars French / Belgian / Swiss league, Golden Dust Cup ran the 2nd iteration of the Spanish Golden Dust Rising Stars, which also saw the integration of portuguese players; Team Firewall inaugurated the German / Austrian / Dutch Firewall Rising Stars, and the Europa Rising Stars offered access to Superstar League to anyone else.

These 4 leagues account for 1 671 players in 482 teams. 45 of those dropped their league over the course of the season, leaving us with an amazing record of 437 teams that completed their league run. Overall, 1 656 series have been played, needing 6 360 games of Rocket League. That’s more than 22 days of non-stop gameplay.

Viewers were able to choose between 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch) to watch the Rising Stars Season 2 title go to RJMRizex45, Mikeboy, Rix Ronday & Justuszz. After failing to get the regional title in FWRS, only finishing third in their playoffs, they executed a perfect run, ending undefeated in the Superstar League, beating ApparentlyJack‘s JorJaJo, who lost Joreuz to Dignitas during the season.

We are proud of how the players develop in the Rising Stars. In addition to Joreuz, Archie, Europa Rising Stars champion, also moved to an RLCS team during the season, while the French Solary saw their RBRS run interrupted by their RLCS promotion. It really feels like the name of this circuit has been perfectly chosen.

It is now unclear what the future holds for the Rising Stars. Despite the positive effects it has on the scene (great participation & player satisfaction, high quality gameplay), it is hard to fit such a long and ambitious project in a busy esports calendar. We’ll keep you posted!

A big thanks to all the players this season and to everyone that contributed to running and broadcasting the circuit!