Fennec Esports Decals Are Available!

Here we are, after 18 months of patience: the Fennec esports decals are finally available in the esports shop! Let's talk about this Battle-car, a revolution that stormed the entire Rocket League esports scene, thanks to Chausette45.

On July 1st, 2019, the destiny of Rocket League Esports was forever changed. Nobody knew. Like a massive earthquake nobody felt. But the aftershocks changed the face of the scene permanently.

« Why do all pros play the same car? »

Newcomers instantly notice. For a long time, Rocket League pros would only worship one battle-car. In the middle of a sea of Octanes, a few Dominus’ (should plural read Domina?), some Batmobiles, and Flakes. On July 1st, 2019, the most disruptive thing of the RL Esports scene – since the Breezi Flick – appeared: the Fennec was published in the Radical Summer crates. On that day, though, nobody understood what was really in there.

How could we blame ourselves from not seeing it? Look at these curves – there’s nothing that looks less aerodynamic. How would you double-tap anything with that second-hand pimped German car from the 80’s? Another item that would collect dust in our inventory.

And then, Chausette sat behind a Fennec wheel

A few days later, the best players in the world gathered under the Valencia sun, in Spain, at the third stage of the DreamHack ProCircuit. We, the casters, were quite surprised, to say the least, when we saw Chausette45 driving that Fennec for PSG Esports.

And this, ladies & gentleman, is what we call an early adopter. A true influencer. Chausette45 steered that Fennec amazingly, making fools out of his opponents’ Octanes, 1v3’ing the whole tournament. He played out of his mind as PSG defeated NRG in the Grand finals, denying Fireburner a glorious exit, and winning their second DreamHack after Leipzig’ 2018.

As the Fireburner and PSG eras ended, so the Fennec era began. It became the first real competitor to Queen Octane. It’s no longer unusual to see a pro lobby with a minority of Octanes. Who would have thought back then? The Fennec even became the RLCS X emblem.

As Psyonix had introduced, a few months earlier, the esports shop and team items, a long wait began for the community, begging for Fennec esports decals, in addition to the existing Octane & Dominus ones.

First good news: 18 months later, the wait is finally over. You can now acquire Fennec stickers to play with your favourite team’s colors. Second good news: you can support Rocket Baguette (and therefore The Rocket), using the RocketBaguette creator code while purchasing your ingame credits, for more great Rocket League esports content in both French & English! Thank you very much, Chausette45.